Despite the disbelief of many people I do think that cables make a difference. Yet I don't think that you have to spend hundreds or thousands of euros/dollars to get something decent. Beyond a certain price level differences between cables aren't very large and much smaller than the differences between amplifers, CD-players, loudspeakers, headphones ... Moreover, different not always implies that one of the cables is better. It just has a different "flavour".

There are many design philosophies to build an interconnect. Teflon insulation, air insulation, ellipsoidal conductors, single core conductors, coax cables, braided cables, silver conductors, long-cristaline copper conductors, liquid conductors (!), ....... Despite all these ideas none has come up as being superior to another. As said, they may sound different but not necessarily better or worse. Yet a few properties are important, independent of design philosophy.

Gold plated contacts: No, gold doesn't sound better than bare copper, but it does prevent cracks and drop-outs due to oxidized contacts.

Mechanical stability: A good cable should be sturdy yet flexible enough to be practical.

On this site you find a small selection of no-nonsense cables that I think are well worth their money.
A sturdy digital cable with gold-plated connectors and oxygen-free copper conductors.
These fine interconnects are made from Belden 8412 microphone cable and high quality Neutrik plugs. The cables have a protective sleeve and silver solder is used to make the connections.
Separate shielding, connected to one side only, protect the two inner conductors from RF-interferences. Cotton wraps at the core minimize any mechanical resonances.
Construction of this cable is time consuming but the sonic results justify the work!
Standard length of the cables is 65 cm tip-tip (25"). Different lengths can be ordered.
€110,- / $135,-
€90,- / $110,-
in combination with an amplifier
€24,- / $30,-
€14,- / $18,-
in combination with an amplifier
RCA splitters
These splitters can be used to connect two cables to one single RCA-jack. Handy if e.g. you like to connect a headphone amp to your CD-player and simultaneously want to connect this player to your main rig.
€15,- / $19,- (one pair)
€6,- / $7,-
in combination with an amplifier
TECH+LINK digital
1.5 meter (4' 10").
These are the kits to our DIY-project of a portable amplifier. They contain some of the more difficult to obtain parts of the amp. Basically people only pay the cost-price of the parts and for shipping. Please click the button below for project details.
1 x basic kit       €12,- / $16,-
2 x basic kit       €20,- / $26,-
The RK27 is a real classic, found in many truly high-end amplifiers.
This version has a logarithmic taper and a 10 kOhm resistance.
1 pcs. €10,- / $13,-
2 pcs. €16,- / $21,-
Place an order of more than EUR 500,- / USD 600,- and get a 4% price reduction.

Place an order of more than EUR 1000,- / USD 1200,- and get a 6% price reduction.

Place an order of more than EUR 2000,- / USD 2400,- and get an 8% price reduction.